Monday, July 27, 2009

*dust off cobwebs*


I live.


Alright - school year, once again pulled a "barely-passing-with-Ds-at-semester." Got an ADD eval - should get the results today. Greenwood was just downright FUN. (Pyramus and Thisby... *small chuckle*)

I HAS A JOB! As a babysitter. Technically, it's only for one child and I'm hired when I'm needed, but hey, it's a job.

On a completely unrelated note, we leave for Spokane and Spo-Con this Friday. Hopefully, I'll get my costume done by then.

*insert evil laughter here*

Friday, August 15, 2008


My last post was in May. Sorry. One, life has been hectic since May. No, really, it's been REAL hectic. Faire, then the lake house, then SpoCon, and now today. Two, more worried about school and supplies. Especially after today. SO, from where my memory begins...

Faire - You know you're a good faire when you have people jumping the fence JUST to get in. As soon as I heard that, I was giddy. Also, Madrigals on Sunday? Scary. Very scary. I start singing Dona Nobis Pachem, and people are drawn like moths to a flame... Cool, yes. But still scary.

Lake House - RELAXATION. (Lack of exclamation point on ARM's laptop...) Nothing much to say.

SpoCon - Note to self: Con Raves are safe and can be fun. SpoCon was fun, much fun. A pro even commented on my shirt - she liked the design. I am happy.

Today - You know you are insane when you walk to and from school for 20 minutes, in 95 degree weather, and nearly pass out when you get home. And you have a sense of accomplishment at that last part. Then again, the last time I (nearly) passed out was when I was in the 5th grade, so this time, instead of freaking out, I simply told myself, "No, you are not passing out in the middle of the field. Most especially when you have a certain schedule in hand." I was able to remain calm, got into the house, a drink of water, and promptly informed mom of the situation. Thank heaven the basement is freakin' cold...

Oh, and I have a new computer now. We weren't expecting it until Monday. It came today. I did a happy dance in my head. Even signed for the thing. Cannot wait to get it up.

My schedule involves two English classes (Pre-IB English and Journalism, first and last period, respectively), Spanish (thinking about changing it to American Sign Language - I am not crossing the entire school and then going up a flight of stairs just to get to my third class of the day (counting 0 hour)), Chamber Choir (as homeroom), Pre-IB Geometry (if I had gone with normal Geometry, I had a huge chance of being taught by a Greenwood Member), Drafting and Design, and 0 hour Divas Choir. I got the two English teachers I was hoping for, too. I am happy. for Spanish...

...Now I want Dad to get home so I can get that new computer set up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Force Is Not With Me (...Mostly)

Rundown of my school week so far.

Monday - Morning started out relatively well. And then there was a problem. Problem: I must have slept on my neck wrong, because it began to hurt pretty bad. Managed to survive first through fourth hour, but in fourth hour, the pain became unbearable. Following a friend's advice, I called home and was taken home on sick-leave. Missed fifth and sixth period. That was the first sign that things were not going to go well.

Tuesday - Again, the morning started out relatively well. No 0 Hour because of the fact that I only had to come in for Monday and again for Friday. Pain in the neck was mostly gone (no pun intended). Lunch brought problems. I had lost my excuse slip, and I was not happy. Fortunately, my sixth hour teacher had already seen and there was a sub for fifth hour. Fie, for after school, I LOST MY CELL PHONE. Looked everywhere for it, and it had vanished straight off into the o-zone. I was not happy, not happy at all. Cried all the way home. It wasn't even turned in this morning.

Good news from that: I got a new one. A much-needed new one. Same number, so if someone decided to take it for themselves, they can't use it at all.

Today - Good morning again. Tragedy at lunch struck again. MY NECKLACE BROKE. My favorite charm necklace, namely the pewter charm, snapped clean in half. Dad has doubts of it being repairable. Didn't cry, but I really am miffed. Very miffed.

The Force is not with me this week.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, the date for the Choir Concert got moved. AGAIN. It is now June 2, a Monday and almost a full week after the last date.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I LIIIIIVE!!!!111!!1

Yeah, three months of not being able to figure out what to actually put on here. I find my life that routine and boring.

Finished a group History project that got turned in on the end of April. Got an A+. *does a little victory dance*

Passing math with minimum of a B! Haven't fallen below that grade at all this year! *cue confetti and streamers* I UNDERSTAND THE NUMBERS NOW!

Reading Romeo and Juliet in English. I got impatient and already read it the rest of the way through back at home. XD Yay for having Shakespeare books in the house.

End-of-the-year choir concert on the 27th. I finally get to hear the Park kids sing! (Apparently, I'm missed over there, according to Mister Henderson. People who were in it last year were going, "I miss Kim!")

Saw a super-cool video in Biology on Thursday and Friday. Predators at War. Droughts in South Africa are not a good thing, especially when the predators get antsy... Dissecting labs begin on the 16th. (Not looking forward to 'em.)

Passing tests in Health class with 'A's. Very amazed that I actually remembered all the bones in the skeletal system in the correct order. (I always get ulna and another one mixed up... Fie, now I can't remember it!)

HOLY HAND GRENADES BATMAN! It's almost the end of the school year! (It's going by way too quickly...)

Greenwood stuff - Swashbuckling. Fights coming along pretty nicely (although I still need to actually practice one of the two-on-one fights with the final member of one of the stories and then actually correograph my full-out three-way). Favorite fight deals with so many bad puns one after another, it isn't even funny. But my 'mouse on steroids' (read: excited) voice keeps coming into play and my voice keeps on becoming this harsh, shrill sounding thing.

Shirt needs to be redone. Collar's off, and parts of the lower half are falling off. Probably should undo the stitches that BD did at Radcon...

...I really need to get into the habit of making normal stuff sound interesting.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Radcon Preparations

You're probably wondering what this image (which I am actually very proud of) has to do with Radcon.

It's actually the shirt she's wearing. Guess who decided to start sewing again after 3 years of not doing so?

I actually made this picture at the end of last month, but perhaps I should just upload more artwork. ...Perhaps. I don't know.

Either way, due to the fact that I am impatient and just had to get this thing done, I have the basic shirt finished. Now I just need to hem the sleeves, make the actual collar, and then add that little wave-bit at the bottom of the shirt. Hopefully, I'll get it done before Radcon. If not...well, at least I'll still have a shirt for casual wear around school.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Guess who's going to the Legislative District Caucus in April?

Mom and Dad decided to drag me to the caucus today. Rest assured, I was mainly off in a corner with my stuff and trying to keep myself occupied, but I got dragged along anyway. Turns out my parents are both delegates for the next Caucus in April. Ironic, 'cause Mom's the delegate for Hilary and Dad's the delegate for Obama. Whoop-dee-doo. (No, I do not understand politics.)

Radcon's next week. AHHH!

Friday, January 18, 2008

First of the New Year

Yes, I know, I'm just absolutely horrible.

SO! Thanksgiving was wonderful, mom's turkey and cheesecake were delicious, and was actually quiet. November was heck due to it was only half a month.

December: We had our Christmas Concert. Wonderfully done, Concert Choir had definitely improved. Could have sworn I went off during our Diva's songs, namely when I was singing low parts, but we had fun with Carol of the Bells.

Christmas: WE GOT TWILIGHT PRINCESS. I've wanted that game so badly, but now I need to motivate myself away from the computer and Sonic Adventure 2 and actually finish the game. (But the Chao...I love my Chao...they are so cute!) Also, I got more colored pencils, much-needed long-sleeved shirts, A BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER GRAPHIC NOVEL (go Mom and Dad!), Final Fantasy XII, and a Bleach Calendar just to name a few. And bracelets...a lot of bracelets.

January: ...Finals. Finals are next week. I'm confident in my Finals, it's just History that's starting to intimidate me a little due to the fact that I need to ACE it now. I am serious, I need to ACE it. ...I'll cross that bridge when I get there - I do well on tests anyway. We finished reading the Odyssey and now need to make 1) a map of Odysseus's travels and 2) come up with a 13th (although I insist it's 14th) Olympian God. (I'm tempted to go through the list of lesser deities and make an interpretation of the Goddess of Vengeance, Nemesis. Most likely will, too.)

Plans for Febuary: RADCON. I've been eagerly awaiting Radcon and some of my friends are gonna be able to go for the first time! WOOHOO!

Current Dilemma (not precisely schoolwork-related): I need a way to stop a person from changing into Cordelia on myself and my other friends. Specifically an Asian version of her. MZ, as I shall call her, is no longer the daughter of the art teacher of my middle school that I used to know. No, she is becoming preppy, a bit on the low side, and more along the lines of Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Any ideas on how to convince her that this is only gonna hurt her in the long run? She's already hurt some of her old friends already and she isn't listening to her parents about the whole situation.